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Spring Cleaning with Mikayla from ChangeHouse2Home

Ali Bearnson


We are ALMOST THERE Girl We are SO CLOSE to spring that I can almost taste it! How amazing is that?! What are your spring plans? I always like to do my spring cleaning one week a a time! Here are some tips for spring cleaning:

1. Schedule it out! Whether you take a week and push through or you take one step at a time every week, you are way more efficient with a plan! Write a list of what you need to deep clean, organize or do for your spring cleaning this year, write down next to each item a time frame that you think it will take to do that thing and then plan when you will do each item! 

2. Set timers! When you are starting on a project, set timers to help you gauge how much time you are taking and ALWAYS TAKE A BREAK! Rome was not built in a day so neither does the project at hand! Things will most of the time take longer than you think that they will, so plan for that too.

3.Take a break every 45 minutes to an hour. Brendan Burchard, a productive habits expert, has taught me that your brain can really only focus on one thing for a certain amount of time! That time is about 45-50 minutes. So, I go by this rule when I am doing any sort of project. I set a timer for 45 minutes. When the timer goes off, I go and get a drink, go to the bathroom, focus on something else for 5 minutes. Then, I come back to the project and can focus much better! Yes, 5 minutes can make a huge difference!


I am putting together a free spring cleaning challenge! We will be doing a challenge every week from March-May and it will be sent out via email! There's also a free facebook group to join! For more details head over to my Instagram!


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