The Best Building Toys

Some of the best gift ideas for your little tikes are unique, creative toys that promote imagination and learning. I have put together some of the best building toys that will come in handy when your creating your holiday shopping list. These are some of my top picks. 

1. Zoobs: The perfect toy that encourages kids to use their imagination. Full of bright colors that make unique connections to build unique creations. 

2. Bristle Blocks: Soft, rubbery, interlocking bristles on colorful toy blocks that connect together at any angle. A great sensory toy that is easy clean and perfect for all ages.

3. Lincoln Logs: This is a staple for every home, especially at Christmas. Plus added bonus that it is perfect for kids and adults. 

4. Legos : This building toys list would not be complete Legos. I don't even want to know the amount of Lego's I have purchased...and stepped on. We have had better luck with the big generic buckets than the themed lego sets because those ones never seem to stay separated out.

 5. Foam Blocks: A great idea for babies, especially when they have a tantrum and throw them--they won't break your TV :)

6. Perler Beads: Perler Beads may not be as much of a building toy but it is a HUGE hit for boys & girls. They will keep them occupied for a long time all while helping with fine motor skills. 

7. Brain Flakes: A great solo or collaborative group activity with countless design possibilities and hours of skill building play.

8. Magnetic Building Tiles: Magnetic tiles are perfect for igniting creativity. So many options with so many colors. 

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