Let Them - By Kayla Keen

This summer, I have a motto with my children. That motto? Let them.

Let them dance in a warm summer rain shower.

Let them jump in the puddles and squish their toes in the mud.

Let them play.

Let them explore.

Let them set up a tent in the backyard.

Let them get sticky fingers with their s’more smiles.

Let them be messy.

Let them have the popsicles.

Let them help you in the kitchen.

Let them run around with the hose.

Let them splash in the water.

Let them bait the hook.

Let them catch lightning bugs twinkling in the air.

Let them be just a little bit wild.

They only have one childhood. Let theirs be one of wonder. Of laughter and fun. Of new experiences and lessons. Let’s let them be CHILDREN.


This article was written by Kayla Keen. Find her on Instagram @kaylarkeen.

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